Hello,good people! I'm Varun from Pune,MH,IN.
Varun... it means the God who brings rain,in Hindu Mythology.I'm not sure if I've been responsible for any precipitation,but it's kinda been the story of my life.Legend has it that I was named Varun because it rained heavily on the day of my 'Namkaran Sanskar' or 'baarsa', the Hindu equivalent of christening.It rained on the first day of school, my first day on a bike,hell it even rained when I graduated!
Dissection of names aside,I'm a complete potpurri of emotions.You never know what you 'll get from me. Yet I could be broadly be classified (ref:3rd party opinion polls conducted secretly) as funny,quick witted,i.e a smartass,honest,sincere,a forthright person,a perfectionist,and as a person with mild sarcasm.
My interests,passions,contact information,etc are categorized below.If you haven't been snoozing,thanks for reading! If you were,I saw that,and I'm gonna hunt you down :P


I'm a huge sports buff.You will find me religiously following Football(MUFC ftw!),Formula-1,Cricket and Tennis.Apart from that I like to code (but without any deadlines,for my pleasure). I'm learning the guitar,it's a big part of my life these days.Also,now that there is some free time to spare,and with some prodding by a good samaritan,I'm looking to revive my childhood hobby of philately
(Collecting postage stamps).


Once a voracious reader,sadly this hobby is slowly but surely deserting me,as I capsize under fat technical books. However I'm not giving up easily :)
I'm not a fan of a particular genre,but I do like following authors.Loved the works of Dan Brown,Agatha Christie, Mario Puzo,Stephen King,Chetan Bhagat,John Grisham among many many more.

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Music is an inseparable part of my life.I don't know what I'd do without music! Like books,I don't devote myself to a genre,it's anything that feels good to hear that's on my playlist.However,my leanings are generally towards rock,soft rock,thrash, metal (not goth/death *bleargh*) That being said,Moby is a legend,and Joshua Radin is sensational.I also like to discover and listen to new artists via Jamendo

TV and Cinema

I don't watch many movies,but comedy is the way to go for me.My all time favourite amongst hindi movies is Andaz Apna Apna,and among English ones it's Requiem for a Dream.I also liked the spanish film 'Pan's Labyrinth'. TV,on the other hand,I'm crazy about.Scrubs,Prison Break,South Park are regulars.I also like political debates,sports on TV and in general anything comic.