Drumroll? *Drrrrm tish*

Welcome to my Blogroll.What follows is a collection of blogs I read pretty regularly.Do visit them.CSS for this page hasn't been designed by me,I'm still working on my version.

The Tech Prescription

The Tech Prescription is my second blog.A while back I decided to separate my personal diary from all the geeky posts I was making here on vagaries.Visit The Tech Prescription for all the latest happenings in the world of technology,some tricks and tweaks and interesting software,most of which is free.

Geca's Realm

Geca is a filipina,currently in bermuda.Geca's Realm is a mix bag of sorts.She blogs about a wide variety of things,but her posts are always interesting and fun to read.

Hakuna Matata!

Hakuna Matata! is a total laugh riot.The author,Sindhu,warns us right at the start that we might suffer from a stomach ache after reading her stuff,and she is right.There are occasional serious articles,but it's the funnies that capture the imagination

Random Thoughts of a Chronic Thinker

Hot on the heels of Hakuna Matata! is Random thoughts of a chronic thinker an equally good blog,a personal diary of sorts,courtesy Mithila.A must read,especially for all you 20something's out there.

Literary Musings

Literary Musings is a blog dedicated to books and writing,and it is written into by Vedang.His posts are about books,his writing and the occasional reviews of movies.Check this one out.

Chelsea Blues

Normally I wouldn't even consider putting a chelsea blog in my blogroll,being a devout Manchester United supporter,but Tanmay puts a lot of effort into keeping us up to date about his club,The Chelsea Blues.


I don't quite know the author too well,but I like the freeware he dishes out,day after day after day.I just wish Freebie also carried frank software reviews,instead of merely doling out products


Past,Present,Future Takes a look at life from Yanz's perspective

Tadka!!! It Sizzles

Tadka!!! It Sizzles is a mixed bag too.Akanksha writes about current events,happenings around the world and also her personal experiences

Katty's Weblog

Katty's a new kid on the blog.I'm not sure what Katty's Weblog is gonna be all about,since he's just started blogging,but knowing him,it will concern something about Manchester United,and many more of the hilarious views and opinions of his.Warning: Be prepared for Profanity.

Brillianty Diary

This is Brillianty Diary.You should read it.'Nuff said

While the Light Lasts

Nishank is not what you'd call a regular blogger,but you can see that his writing is quality.Do visit While the light lasts.

The Green Man in His Green World

The Green Man in His Green World is a mixed bag. I'm still in the process of reading back.Looks interesting.

Life's All About...

A word's enough to summarize Life's All About....Pink.Yet I find myself reading it from time to time.Take a look.

Bad Luck Scenarios

Bad Luck Scenarios keeps you up to date ith all that can go wrong with you,in a weird,funny way.If you've just had a bad day,keep away.I know I would...

My KaWaii LIFE

My KaWaii LIFE is lolli's personal diary.frequently updated.Just found this one,so I'm not in a place to be judgemental :)

Glenndel's Blissful Life

Glenndel's Blissful Life,likewise,is a personal diary like mine,taking stock of everyday life.Keeps it simple

Just about anything

Just about anything,is a running chronicle of a family diary,with all sorts of posts put in there.


Willi09blog,funny page,all sorts of LOL-worthy pictures,sure to keep you busy.Well worth a looky-look